News for June 2013


Reminder about how to make up courses

Dear Students, A quick reminder about deadlines and procedures for writing make-up exams: In case of obligatory lectures: the make-up exam session for obligatory lectures takes place between 02 and 15 September. If you already know you failed one of obligatory lectures, please make sure you are in Warsaw at the beginning of September. A detailed schedule of make-up exams will be announced in August. It is possible to take part in a make-up exam only...

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Renovations on 16 June

Dear Students,

On 16 June 2013 there are going to be some kind of renovations at the Main UW Campus and they will concern devices connected with UW services. That's why on that day the USOS, university emails, registrations and many other UW services will not work. All should be fixed on 17 June. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Registration for psychology courses for the winter semester 2013/14

Here are dates of registrations for psychology courses of the winter semester 2013/14: ROUND I: from Fri, 14 June, 12:00 till Sun, 30 June, 23:59. After this round we will see which courses were popular and which were not popular in the registration. Those unpopular courses will be cancelled and the schedule will be updated. During this round it will be possible to register and unregister from courses as many times as you wish without consequences. ...

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Registration for OGUN courses

Dear Students, The first round of registration for OGUN courses is taking place now and will last till 30 June, 23:59. The second round will take place from 10 Sep till 11 Oct, 23:59. Things to remember: - Each student needs to gain at least 21 ECTS points from OGUN (“university-wide”) courses during 5 years of studies (but no more than 40). - If you are foreign, you can take OGUN classes about Poland in Polonicum....

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Dormitory in the 2013/14 academic year

Dear Students, Those of you who would like to apply for the dormitory room for the 2013/14 academic year are requested to fill in the dormitory application in the USOSweb (student's section -> applications). Deadline: 30 June. When applying for the dormitory, it is obligatory to fill in the declaration about income in 2012 (in Polish: "oświadczenie o dochodach za rok 2012"). The dormitory application will be generation after the declaration is filled in. The declaration can be filled in on the...

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