News for October 2013


Information about the Rector's Scholarship after the 2012/13 academic year

Dear Students, Here you will find information about the Rector’s Scholarship. The scholarship could be given to a regular student who: obtained a high GPA in the preceding year OR has significant scientific achievements (eg. publishing a scientific book/chapter, translating a scientific book, active participation in a conference, becoming one of the top three participants of a national and/or international scientific contest etc.) OR has significant artistic achievements (eg. publishing/translating an artistic book, becoming one of the top three participants...

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How to make your high school diploma valid in Poland?

Dear Students, A meeting regarding validation of your high school diploma (process called "nostryfikacja") in Poland is going to take place on Fri, 18 Oct, at 12:00 in room 404. This message concerns mostly students who have non Polish and non-IB high school diplomas, especially those who joined WISP in 2013/14 academic year, but any other student who would like to find out how to obtain "nostryfikacja" is welcome to participate. Students with Polish diplomas are...

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Information for Students who had problems to obtain a credit from theoretical/empirical paper or an MA seminar in 2012/13 academic year

Dear Students, If after the 2012/13 academic year in USOS you cannot see: - a grade from theoretical paper (if you were a 2nd-year student in 2012/13) - a grade from empirical paper (if you were a 3rd-year student in 2012/13) - a credit from your MA seminar (if you were a 4th-year student in 2012/13) You need to write a request to the Dean and ask for a conditional pass. Failing to do so might even...

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Information for Students who were on the 5th year in the 2012/13 academic year

Dear Students of the 5th year in the 2012/13 academic year, If you have not defended your thesis yet and at the same time you have not delivered a request to the Dean asking for a prolongation of time given for the defence till December, you are requested to deliver this request till Fri, 04 Oct at the latest. This is the final deadline. If you do not bring the request by then,...

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[2nd year] Developmental Psychology schedule

Dear Students of Developmental Psychology, A small schedule change in December. There will be no Developmental Psych class on Fri, 13 Dec, but classes on Monday and Thursday will be longer. On Mon, 09 Dec, please add a meeting at 16:00-17:30. On Thu, 12 Dec, please add a meeting at 12:00-13:30. The reason of the change is that these classes are taught by a visiting instructor who had to shorten her stay in Poland. Please update...

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