News for July 2013


Office on Tue, 16 July

Dear Everyone,

Due to some meetings held at the Main UW Campus on Tue, 16 July in the morning, the office on that day will be open from ca. 11:00.


[1st year] Linking

Dear 1st-year Students,

Some of you have reported to the office that you were unable to do the linking in the USOSweb. We have fixed the problem and you should be able to see the change in the USOSweb in the evening after the data migration. If you are not able to do the linking tomorrow, please let the office know.


Important for all the Students - linking courses

Dear Students, The spring semester is now over and the time has come for the office to check if you have completed all required courses, therefore please link your courses in the USOSweb and deliver your program for checkup. (Info for 1st-year and other new Students) What is linking? Through linking you tell the University which courses you would like us to include into your GPA. You need to have at least 60 ECTS after the...

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