News for November 2012


[3rd year] Psychopathology on 29 Nov 2012

Dear Students of Psychopathology,

The class on Thu, 29 Nov, is cancelled. A make-up class will take place one week later, during the same hours: 06 Dec, 17:45-19:15, room 405 (yes, it is going to be 2h, just like it was supposed to be on 29 Nov). Please update your schedules!


Recruitment and Selection make-up class

Dear Students of Recruitment and Selection,

Since one of the classes was cancelled some time ago, the course will be one week longer. It means that the meeting on 30 Nov will be a normal 10:15-11:45 meeting. The last class will take place on 07 Dec, but a little bit earlier: at 09:30 in room 412. Please update your schedules!


Info for Students of Introduction to Functional Imaging of the Human Brain

Dear Students of Introduction to Functional Imaging of the Human Brain,

As you know, the schedule of the course had to be updated. There are going to be 3 meetings and here is how they have been scheduled:

1) Mon, 03 Dec, 13:45-17:30, room 412
2) Thu, 13 Dec, 15:15-19:15, room 405
3) Fri, 21 Dec, 13:45-17:30, room 405

Apologies for the inconvenience and please update your schedules.


[2nd year] Information Technology on 22 Nov

Dear Students of Information Technology,

The class (both groups) on Thu, 22 Nov, is cancelled due to instructor's illness. A make-up class will be announced as soon as it is known.


Submitting a request to the Dean online

Dear Students,

From this academic year it is possible to write a request to the Dean through the USOSweb. In some cases it will not be necessary to bring them in paper :) Here are more detailed and an instruction: [DOWNLOAD].

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