News for September 2012



Dear Students,

The USOS server broke down today (19 Sep) at 11:30 and as a result registrations for classes (OGUNS etc.) do not temporarily work. The breakdown is expected to be fixed today (19 Sep) in the evening. As for this moment the 3rd round of registration for WISP classes is expected to take place as planned. If this changes, we will inform you. Please stay tuned for the schedule updates after the 2nd round of registration.


PE classes taught in English in the winter semester 2012/13

Dear Students,

The registration for PE classes is going to start on Mon, 17 Sep at 21:00. In the winter semester 2012/13 there are going to be 3 PE classes taught in English:

  • Swimming (advanced level) [LINK]

Of course you can sign up for PE classes in Polish if you want.


[1st year] Information for all new students

Dear New Students (1st year),

Please check your emails. You should find there the schedule of the 1st year and syllabi of courses, as well as some basic information and the first task for you. If you have not received any email with the 1st-year's schedule, please contact the WISP Office immediately: info@psychology.pl.


[All years] Linking courses

(If you are about to start studies in 2012/13, this information does not concern you.) Dear Students, After you have completed the spring semester 2011/12, in USOS please link courses you would like us to take into account when counting your GPA after the whole year 2011/12. The deadlines for doing this is 23 Sep 2012 (that’s also the deadline for years 3-5 to bring their filled in index books to the...

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