News for June 2012


EURO 2012

Dear Students,

When planning your trip to/from the Faculty on the days when there are EURO 2012 matches in Warsaw, please take into account some changes in Warsaw (eg. public transport may have different hours or some streets could be closed). If you are going for an exam, please leave home much earlier than usual if EURO 2012 changes concern your usual route.


[3rd year] History of Psychology exam update

Dear Students,

Since the previous date of the exam was in conflict with another exam, the final date of the History of Psychology exam is Thu, 14 June, at 13:45, room 404. You will write it together with the 1st year's Statistics final. Please update your schedule!


Conflicts, Mediations, Negotiations (seminar) with Rafal Morek, PhD

Dear Students of Conflicts, Mediations, Negotiations (seminar) with Rafal Morek, PhD,

A make-up class is going to  take place on Fri, 08 June at 08:30 (as discussed in class), room 412. Please update your schedules!


[3rd year] Room for Counselling on 06 June

Dear Students of Counselling,

On Wed, 06 June, as an exception, you will start at 09:30 in room 128 and then later at ca. 10:00 you will move to room 93.


[3rd year] Info on Counselling

Dear Counselling Students,

A possible make-up test will take place not on 06 June, but later. Details will be posted as soon as they are known.

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