News for May 2012


Information for all the Students

Dear Students,

Please come to the office to pick up detailed payments for the next academic year. The payments have not changed, but it is obligatory that each student receives a detailed table in paper.


[2nd year] Information about Emotions and Motivation

Dear Students of Emotions & Motivation,

The schedule of the course needs to be updated. Here are the details:
Cancelled classes: 16 May, 21 May and also there was no class on 25 Apr, so 3 make-up classes need to be scheduled. Here is when they are going to take place:

  • Thu, 24 May, 13:45, room 412
  • Mon, 28 May, 13:45, room 405
  • Mon, 04 June, at 13:45, room 412

Please update your schedules!


Info about Coaching and Working with Groups

Dear Students of Urszula Szulc,

Since on 24 Apr make-up classes were cancelled, here is how they have been rescheduled:

  • Coaching will take place on Wed, 23 May, at 15:15-17:30, room 404
  • Working with Groups will take place on Tue, 05 June, at 13:45-15:15, room 404


Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy Final Test

Dear Students of Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy,

The final test from this course is going to take place on Mon, 14 May, at 16:00, room 404.


URGENT info for Students of the Robot course

Dear Students signed up for the [Robot] course with dr J-Ch. Giger, Due to emergency, personal and serious reasons, dr Giger will not be able to come to teach you this year. However, this does not mean that the course is cancelled. The good news is that it is not cancelled. The course will be conducted by dr Grzegorz Pochwatko. Both scientists have known each other for years and have been working together within the...

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