News for April 2012


Information for Students of dr Marta Porębiak

Dear Students of Medical Psychology and Introduction to Humanistic and Existential Psychotherapy, There are small changes in the schedule of the above courses: * Medical Psychology: the class on 24 Apr is cancelled, but two classes on Tue, 17 Apr and on 22 May are going to be longer and start at 15:15 (instead of 16:00). * Intro to Humanistic and Existential Psychotherapy: the class on 25 Apr is cancelled. A make-up class is added on Wed, 06 Jun,...

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[2nd year] Learning Conditioning and Behaviour Analysis final test

Dear Students of Learning Conditioning and Behaviour Analysis,

The final LCBA test is going to take place on Fri, 27 Apr, at 10:15. A retake exam for those who fail the final test is planned for Fri, 18 May, at 13:45, room 404.


How the Faculty is open on Fri, 06 Apr

Dear Students,

Since Fri, 06 Apr is already Easter break, the Faculty is going to be open till 14:00. This means that if you are planning to eg. go to the faculty library or use computer rooms, it will be possible only till 14:00.


Classes by Urszula Szulc on 05 Apr

Dear Students of Coaching and Working with Groups,

Classes on Thu, 05 Apr are cancelled due to instructor's illness. Make-up classes will be announced as soon as they are known.


[years 3-5] Index books

Dear Students of years 3-5, If you have not returned your index book to the office yet, please do that till Thu, 05 Apr. All people who do not do that till that day will be on the list which is going to be given to the Dean. This might result in crossing these students out from the list of students. In your index book, there should be all signatures from teachers that are from Warsaw....

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