News for February 2012


Office hours on 13 Feb 2012

Dear Students,

On Mon, 13 Feb, the office is going to be closed from 13:00. This is because of an election meeting which is obligatory for the whole administration. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please note: the meeting is obligatory for the whole administration staff, so other offices are also going to be closed, eg. the library.


Tim Clapham signs index books

Dear Students of Economics for Psychologists,

Mr. Clapham is going to sign index books on Wed, 15 Feb, at 09:30, room 103.


Dr Magdalena Namysłowska signs index books

Dear Students of Psychiatry, Dr Magdalena Namysłowska is going to sign your index books on Fri, 03 Feb, at 10:00 in room 405. Those of you who need her signature and who cannot come in person are requested to give your index book to a friend who will be able to fix that on your behalf together with their own index book. Reminder: remember to fill in your index book - put there all the courses you have taken in the...

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