News for 2011


Intro to Music Therapy on 02 Dec

Dear Students of Introduction to Music Therapy,

The last class planned for Fri, 02 Dec, will not take place on that day. It is moved to Fri, 16 Dec, at 16:00, room 404. Please update your schedules!


Information regarding 15 Nov 2011

Dear Students, Some of you might have noticed announcements that on Tue, 15 Nov, at 14:00-16:00 there are Dean’s hours, which means there should be no classes. This is connected with a scientific session which is going to take place then in room 408. Since this is going to be in Polish, the Dean’s hours do not fully apply to WISP. All classes planned for 13:45 (Logic, Genogram Technique and Standard Diagnostic Methods, gr 1) are going to take place...

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[3rd year] Exam in Psychopathology

Dear Students of Psychopathology,

The final exam is going to take place on Mon, 30 Jan, at 13:00-14:30, room 412. Just to remind you - the exam is moved because the last class is going to take place on the day when the exam was originally planned - for details search the news section for the previous info on Psychopathology). Please update your schedules!


Make-up class in Economics for Psychologists

Dear Students of Introduction to Economics for Psychologists,

Since the class on 02 Nov was cancelled, a make-up class is now scheduled on Thu, 24 Nov, at 10:15, room 404. Please update your schedules!


[1st year] BBB exam and additional class

Dear 1st-year Students,

The Biological Bases of Behaviour (BBB) exam is going to take place on Mon, 23 Jan, at 12:00, room 405. Since the exam takes the time of the last lecture, an additional lecture is now scheduled on Mon, 21 Nov, at 10:15 in room 412, so on that day you are going to have a double class. Also on that day there is going to be a midterm exam. Please update your schedules!

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