News for 2011


[4th year] Dissemination course

The Dissemination of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy course conducted by two professors from Delaware, Ryan Beveridge and Timothy Fowles, is unfortunately cancelled this semester. However, the teachers are planning to come back to Warsaw next year, so you will be able to take their course then. If you are lacking ECTS points without this course, please come to the office to find out which courses are not full yet. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you are a 5th-year Student who took...

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[2nd year] Info on Individual Differences

Dear 2nd-year Students, As you know, there were some problems with the course Individual Differences which was supposed to take place in January, but it did not happen due to some health problems of the Professor. The solution to this situation is as follows: you are going to have an obligatory course 'Personality Psychology' instead of 'Individual Differences'. 'Individual Differences' is going to be taught in a form of 2 different short courses next semester covering the area of individual differences....

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[URGENT] Info for all the Students

Dear Students, The regulations of the University give you an opportunity to count some of the courses to your GPA and not count some other courses. Please send an email to the office (at wisp@psych.uw.edu.pl) if you would like some of your courses from the winter semester 2010/11 to be *not* counted into your GPA. These courses, although not linked to the winter semester, will stay on your USOS account and you will be able to link them to the next...

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Psychological Assessment on 22 and 29 Mar 2011

Dear Students,

The Psychological Assessment (Diagnosis) lectures by Prof. Katarzyna Stemplewska-Żakowicz are cancelled on 22 and 29 March. These classes are going to be scheduled in May, therefore the schedule of this course looks as follows:
Tue, 01 Mar – this class took place and the next classes are:
Tue, 19 Apr, 13:45-16:00, room 404,
Tue, 10 May, 13:45-16:00, room 405,
Tue, 17 May, 13:45-16:00, room 405,
Tue, 24 May, 13:45-16:00, room 405.

Please update your schedules.



You are invited to take part in a lecture The Experience of Place and Displacement in Social Housing Redevelopment given by Prof. Lynne Manzo (University of Washington). The lecture is going to take place on Tue, 22 Mar, at 15:15, room 1.

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