News for 2011


[1st year] Cognitive Psychology exam

Dear 1st-year Students,

The date of the final Cognitive Psychology exam has been updated. The exam is going to take place on Mon, 16 May, at 13:45, room 405.

Please update your schedules!


[3rd year] Psychopathology lectures

Dear 3rd-year Students,

Two of the Psychopathology lectures are going to start earlier and finish earlier:
Fri, 29 Apr, 13:45-17:00, room 405
Fri, 20 May, 13:45-17:00, room 412

Please update your schedules!


Study with University of Delaware Students!

As part of the bilateral collaboration between the University of Delaware and University of Warsaw this summer we are organizing an intensive Study Abroad program for the University of Delaware students. The classes will take place at University of Warsaw main campus for 15 days. The classes offered during this program are: Introduction to Social Psychology (lecturer: dr Michał Bilewicz, 30h., 4 points ECTS – for those who did not take Social Psychology with dr Bilewicz) Jewish Holocaust: 1933-1945 (lecturer: dr...

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Psychological Assessment/Diagnosis on 19 Apr

Dear Students,

The Psychological Assessment/Diagnosis class on Tue, 19 Apr is cancelled due to instructor's illness. The make-up class will be announced later.


[Urgent] Info on Thu, 21 Apr 2011

Dear Students, Some of you have probably already heard that on Thu, 21 Apr 2011, there is going to be a Dean’s day and classes are cancelled. This is not true for the English program. We are having two visiting instructors this week and rescheduling their classes is impossible. Rescheduling other classes is also extremely difficult due to a small number of possibilities in May (a lot of blocked courses). For these reasons all classes (except for 3rd year's Experimental Psychology...

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