News for 2011


[2nd year] Memory on 10 May

The Memory class on 10 May is cancelled. The make-up class is going to take place on Thu, 26 May, at 16:15, room 412. Please update your schedules.


Body, Brain and Behaviour on Fri, 13 May

Dear Students of the course Body, Brain & Behavior: Human Psychophysiology,

The class scheduled on Fri, 13 May needs to be rescheduled for another day. This means that it will not take place on 13 May. Instead of that day, the class on Tue, 10 May is going to be a double class (12:00-15:15).


Info on Psychological Assessment lecture

Dear Students,

Here are the final dates of the Psychological Assessment/Diagnosis lecture:
Fri, 13 May, 15:15-17:30, room 412
Wed, 18 May, 15:15-17:30, room 404
Fri, 27 May, 15:15-17:30, room 412
Tue, 31 May, 09:30-11:45, room 404

Due to unexpected personal reasons, Prof. K. Stemplewska-Żakowicz was forced to resign from teaching this course. She is going to be replaced by Bartosz Zalewski, PhD, whom you already know and who was already given the contents of the course. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.


Summer RA-ship at University of Delaware

Dear Students, As some of You know, the University of Warsaw has an exchange agreement with the University of Delaware. This agreement incorporates the possibility of student and faculty exchange, and starting this year we have full courses available for students to participate in together in Warsaw. Another aspect of the agreement is focused on research. To pave the way for potential future collaborations, the Department of Psychology at UD has agreed to fund two research-assistantships for students from the University of Warsaw, who will go to Delaware for...

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Building Cultural Competence on Thu, 12 May

Dear Students of Building Cultural Competence,

Just a short reminder – the class on Thu, 12 May is going to take place at the Institute of Public Affairs. You are supposed to come to the Faculty at 08:30 and gather on the ground floor somewhere near the canteen. The instructor will pick you up and then take you to the Institute. The last quiz is going to take place on 19 May.

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