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Exam Session - PART II

Schedule of the EXAM SESSION
(spring semester 2010/11)

Human Memory
Tue, 07 June 2011, 10:15, room 412

Personality Psychology
Thu, 16 June 2011, 10:15, room 404

Fri, 17 June 2011, 12:00, room 405

Exams for other obligatory course will be posted soon

Please ask the instructors of your other courses (labs, workshops, electives, specialization courses) about final exams/projects/paper deadlines etc needed to complete these courses.


Info for 2010/2011 graduate students

Dear soon-to-be graduates,

Please check your student e-mails, there are very important issues addressed to you there.

Also, there will be a meeting for discussing presentations for the Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, the 25th of May, at 2:00 in room 412.


If you completed your traineeship...

Dear Students (this message is addressed to students of the older years), If you had done a traineeship, you had filled in the whole paperwork etc etc and you should now have ECTS from this practical period, please check your USOSweb if you can see information about it. This should be seen somewhere in the 'decisions' section and it is where you should see info that you were given 4 ECTS for your traineeship or something like that. If you can't see...

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APA workshop

Dear Students, I will be conducting a seminar/workshop on APA style and on scientific writing in general on June 6-10 (every day) between 3:30 and 5:30pm. The idea of this seminar/workshop is to a) acquaint You with APA style -- from the basics of formatting a paper, figures, tables, references, etc to specific issues of style; b) remind You about good structure of a scientific paper and the ways in which scientific writing differs from straight exposition or personal prose; c) acquaint You with...

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Faculty Day! 17 May [update]

Dear Students,

Due to what is going on at the Faculty and especially on the 4th floor during the Faculty Day, also other classes are cancelled:
· Advertising Psychology – see separate news
· Family Therapy – info on additional class soon
· Interventions in Psychooncology and Health Psychology – info on additional class soon
· Key Studies in Psychology 2 – the two classes are rescheduled for Wed, 01 Jun, at 12:00 and 13:45. Add them to your schedule!
Have fun during the Faculty Day! :D

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