News for 2011


Anxiety and Stress Management test

Dear Students of Anxiety and Stress Management,

The final test is going to take place on Thu, 10 Nov, at 08:30, room 408 (together with the Clinical Developmental Neuropsychology test).


Clinical Developmental Neuropsychology test

Dear Students of Clinical Developmental Psychology,

The final test is going to take place on Thu, 10 Nov, at 08:30, room 408 (together with the Anxiety and Stress Management test). Please remember that each course participant will have to write a test (detailed info on the moodle platform).


Scholarships after 2010/11 academic year

Dear Students, You might already know or have already heard that since some regulations have changed in the recent months, the 'good achievement scholarship' (for good grades) is now replaced by something called 'Rector’s scholarship'. So, if you had good grades in the 2010/11 academic year, you can apply for the scholarship. It is not going to be automatic like in the recent years. This is how you apply: 1. Go to the central USOS website [LINK] and log in. It looks...

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Exam in Face Processing

Dear Students of Applied Cognitive Psychology: Face Processing,

The final exam from the course is going to take place on Thu, 27 Oct, at 08:30, room 405.


Prolonging student ID cards

Dear Students, The office is going to prolong your student ID cards from Monday, 24 Oct. If you have not delivered the proof of payment of the tuition fee to the office yet, please have it with you (the same applies to payments for any conditional passes!). For better organization it would be great if one person collected all the ID cards + proofs before a class and brought everything to the office and then all ID cards could be given...

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