News for 2010


Registration for exams in foreign languages

The registration for language exams in the exam session after the spring semester is going to take place from 2010-04-12, 21:00 till 2010-05-24, 23:59. You register through this website. Remember that: · Each student needs to pass an exam in a foreign language (at least the B2 level) till the end of the 3rd year. · If you are not Polish please report that to the examiners at the beginning of the exam, so that they know. There might be some exercises...

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Cultural Anthropology trip 09/10 - DETAILS

DETAILS ABOUT THE CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY TRIP THE PLACE The holiday house is called “Farfurnia” Address: Zawadka Rymanowska 40 d; 38-450 Dukla You can look at their [WEBSITE] . THE BUS We have our own small bus which will pick you up in Warsaw directly from our Faculty and it will get you to Zawadka. The bus will leave on Thu, 15 Apr 2010, at 14:30. From Zawadka, it will leave on Sun, 18 Apr 2010, at 16:00 and it will take you back...

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The last Sexology class

The last Sexology class is going to take place on Thu, 15 Apr 2010 at 10:15 (!) in room 412.


Invitation for a conference

LANGUAGE AS SOCIAL COORDINATION: AN EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE Warsaw, 16-18 September 2010 The conference emphasizes the biological nature of language, underscoring its coordinative function. The aim of the conference is to 1) show continuity of natural language with other informational systems in biology; 2) show that language arises from and is crucial for human co-action. Taking an evolutionary and comparative perspective, will draw attention to the kinds of social coordination that arise without (human-like) language, and that contribute to...

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Do you still have your index book?

Dear Students,

If you have not brought back your index book AND exam card to the office, you have to do that till 14 April. If you don't do that by then, you will be crossed out from the list of students.

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