News for 2010


Machine Consciousness on Wed, 21 Apr 2010

The Machine Consciousness class on Wed, 21 Apr 2010 has been cancelled. The makeup class will take place in the online form in late May. Details will be given later.


Info for 5th-year Students [Psychotherapy]

Dear 5th-year Students of the Psychotherapy specialization, Some of you have already heard about it and here is the official confirmation – the last two Psychotherapy courses are going to take place in June. This has been kept from you for so long, because we tried to schedule the courses for earlier, but it has turned out impossible. So here are the details: The last two courses are going to be conducted by Jason Kruk, a visiting instructor from the US....

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Sexology on Thu, 15 Apr 2010

The Sexology class on Thu, 15 Apr 2010 has been cancelled. The makeup class will be announced as soon as possible.


Update about the CultAnthro trip!

Dear Students going for the Cultural Anthropology trip,

Good news! Since one more person will be going to Zawadka on the bus, the amount we need to pay for the bus (3400 PLN) is divided into 20 people. This means that you will pay less for the bus: not 179 PLN, but 170 PLN. Please don't forget that the group supervisor is going to collect the money from you tomorrow from ca. 14:00.


One more detail about the CultAnthro trip

It is important to take food with you on Thursday, not only because getting to Zawadka will take a few hours on the bus, but also because you are going to reach the place at night and therefore the first meal is going to be breakfast in the morning (on Friday).

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