News for 2010


If you were supposed to graduate in 2010…

Students who were supposed to finish the studies this (2010) year (so basically those who started in 2005/06) and who will not submit their master’s thesis (plus other required documents) till 31 December 2010 will be crossed out from the list of students. If this happens with you, but you still would like to defend your master’s thesis, you need to write a request to the Dean for Student Affairs and ask him for his approval for your resuming the...

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Info for Students with non-Polish diplomas

Dear Students, We would like to remind you that non-Polish high school diplomas need to be recognized in Poland through the procedure called ‘nostryfikacja’. If you have not done it yet, please don’t forget about it. It is impossible to finish studies without ‘nostryfikacja’ of your foreign high school diploma. For example, during the final defence exam, the commission first checks if a given student has the following things in his/her file: 1) ORIGINAL high school diploma, 2) ‘nostryfikacja’ paper, 3)...

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Info for Social Psychology II Students

Dear Social Psychology II Students,

The class tomorrow (Thu, 16 Dec) is going to start at 13:45 in room 412. Details have been sent to you by email.


Examination cards

Dear Students, From this year examination cards (these green or yellow papers) have been cancelled, so you need to collect grades only in your index books. Assumed FAQ Q: I'm from the 1st year and I don't know what exam cards are... A: Don't worry about them at all. Exam cards were attached to index books. Since you don't have an index book, you don't have to worry about the exam card as well. Q: I'm from year 2/3/4/5. I'd like to know why...

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[1st-year] BCS make-up classes

Dear Students,

BCS classes on Thu, 02 Dec, were cancelled, so here is the schedule of make-up classes:
Group 1, Wed 19 Jan, 16:00-17:30, room 404
Group 2, Wed 19 Jan, 17:45-19:15, room 404
Group 3 – two classes (on 13 and 20 Jan) will be 45 min longer and they are going to finish at 16:00 instead of 15:15. Note: they are going to take place in room 412!

Please update your own schedules!

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