News for November 2010


SEPLL – a new scientific club

Society for Educational Psychology and Lifelong Learning would like to invite you to the first official meeting of the newly created scientific club. If you're interested in what SEPLL may offer you, please come to the first meeting of our society which will take place in the room number 405 on the 4th floor, on Thursday, 25.11 at 12pm (until 1:30pm).

More details on your faculty email.


Economic Psychology make-up class

Due to the fact that the Economic Psychology class on 10 Nov was cancelled, a make-up class is going to take palce on Mon, 03 Jan 2010, at 12:00, room 405.


Info on scholarships

Dear Students, Those of you whose index book numbers are listed below are requested to bring the number of your PLN bank account (but your own, not your parents’ one) to the office. You have a big chance to get the scholarship for good grades after the previous (2009/10) academic year. 281959, 252666, 252529, 271010, 270990, 300569, 271248, 296921, 301748, 300515, 294747, 301741 This list is not final, as the final averages, from which the scholarship will be given, have not been set...

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Info for all the Students

Dear Students, If you have conditional passes and you are not sure how much you should pay, please come to the office to check the due amount. If there are courses that you should be manually registered for by the office (for example courses from higher years, courses not transferred from previous universities, repeated obligatory courses etc.) and for some reason you cannot see them on your USOS account, please inform the office about that (wisp@psychology.pl). If there are courses which should be...

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Info for Students of Key Studies in Psychology

Dear Students,

The Key Studies class on Tue, 30 Nov 2010, will not take place on that day. Instead, it is going to take place earlier: Fri, 26 Nov 2010, at 15:30, room 404.

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