News for October 2010


How to access course materials

Dear Students,

The info on how to access course materials from the online Moodle platform has been sent to your faculty/university emails. We hope this way the materials will get to you much quicker.


Last round of registrations - Tuesday!

Dear Students, It took us half the day to find out that the person responsible for the registration debacle is sick and so can't fix it, and the second half of the day to establish with his regretful co-workers a strategy for what to do next. We have determined that the administrator update that is necessary will occur this evening, which means that the registrations can occur tomorrow. In order to allow You to go to classes (rather than sit at Your computer registering) we have set the...

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Second round of registration - update

Dear Students,

It seems that there has been a problem with the second registration round. Right now we are unable to investigate it. We are going to do it on Monday and let you know ASAP.


Updates before the 2nd round of registration

Dear Students, As you know, the second round of registration is going to open on Saturday (02 Oct) at 09:00 and it is going to finish on Sunday (03 Oct) at 23:59. Below you will find changes. These courses are cancelled due to a small number of people who signed up for them: * Youth and Life Crises (by Anna Piekarska), * Putting Development in Context (by zofia Borska), * Psychophysics group 2 at 10:15 (the one at 08:30 stays without changes). You will not be...

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