News for September 2010


Dr M. Bilewicz and his office hours

If you don't have dr Bilewicz's signature, it will be possible to catch him on Fri, 17 Sep, at 11:00-11:30 in room 7.


Info for new students 2010/11

Dear New Students, Please go to the USOS website [LINK] and check if you can log in to the system. In order to do that, please go to the log-in panel (right upper corner) and use the same login and password as for the IRK system. If for some reason there are mistakes or you won't be able to log in, please contact our office as soon as possible! You will need this website in order to be able to...

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PE classes registration

The registration for PE classes in the winter semester 2010/11 is going to take place: I round, from: 2010-09-14 21:00:00 to: 2010-09-26 23:59:00 II round, from: 2010-09-30 21:00:00, to: 2010-10-03 23:59:00 The website where you register is HERE (log in in the right upper corner). 1st-year Students are supposed to log in to this website using their login and password from the IRK system. If for some reason this does not work, please contact our office ASAP! If you started your...

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European Day of Languages

You are invited to the European Day of Languages which is going to take place at the end of September 2010! The series of events is taking place at the Unievrsity of Warsaw Main Campus (Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street 26/28). The program includes:
* lessons and workshops in different languages,
* a conference conducted in many different languages,
* performances, city games, film festival... and more!

Details can be found on THIS WEBSITE. Enjoy!


Dr K. Talmont-Kamiński and Phil. of Science

The make-up exam in Philosophy of Science is going to take place on Fri, 10 Sep 2010, at 10:00, room 404.

If you are looking for dr Konrad Talmont-Kamiński, for example because you are missing his signature, it is a good day to catch him!

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