News for May 2010


CBT exam

The exam in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is going to take place on Mon, 31 May 2010, at 10:15, room 405.


Psychiatry Lab on 21 May [URGENT!]

Dear Students of Psychiatry Lab,

We have only found out that the institution at Dolna has decided that they would be closed tomorrow (Fri, 21 May)! This means that we can't schedule the makeup Psychiatry Lab then and unfortunately it needs to be rescheduled again. We are very sorry for this inconvenience. Please pass the info to your classmates!

The class with dr Pawel Holas next week (28 May) at Dolna at 13:00 stays as planned.


Info for Intelligence Students

Dear Students,

Please don't forget that the deadline for Intelligence essays is 22 May.


Info for BCS2 Students [update]

Because of cancelled classes on 11 May (Faculty Holiday), the BCS2 makeup classes have been set for Tue, 8 June 2010, as agreed with students:
Group 1: 12:00, room 405,
Group 2: 13:45, room 405.
Since one class has been added at the end, all presentations are going to take place one week later than planned (so people who were supposed to have their presentations on 11 May had their presentations on 18 May and so on).


Info for BCS2 Students

Due to the fact that on Tue, 11 May some classes (including BCS2) were cancelled, the schedule for BCS2 presentations will have to be slightly changed. On Tue, 18 May, the following Students will have their presentations:
Group 1: K. Krzykowska, P. Darmas, M. Gzik;
Group 2: M. Pochylski, M. Świder, J. Ficińska.
These are the ones who were supposed to have presentations on 11 May. The presentations schedule for the coming weeks will be discussed with students during the class.

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