News for July 2009


Exams in foreign languages in September

Each student is obliged to pass an exam in a foregin language at least at the B2 level till the end of his/her 3rd year. If you have not taken the exam yet, you have a chance in September. The registration starts on 20 July 2009, at 21:00 and it will finish on 23 Aug 2009, at 23:59.

Link to the registrations site: [HERE]



CHECK YOUR IRK ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO SEE IF YOU ARE QUALIFIED! Qualified candidates are required to send or bring in a number of additional documents to be accepted officially to the program. The deadline for delivering these documents is 16:00 noon on 17 July (or later, in case of people moved from the waiting list to the list of accepted candidates – the info will be given on your IRK account). An extension can be granted if necessary to people...

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Academic calendar 2009/2010

You can take a look at the detailed academic calendar 2009/2010 in the 'academic calendar' section.