News for March 2009


Psychopathology makeup exam

Dear Students,

The situation has been cleared up. Now you have 2 terms to choose:

Either on Wed, 4 March 09, at 16:00 (during the IV-year Psychiatry class). If you want to write it during this term, please don't be late, because you will have little time to complete the test.


On Thu, 5 March 2009, at 12:00 in the Bródno Hospital.

Choose one date. The dates are the most recent info, agreed with the Teacher. Sorry for all the inconvenience.


BCS II on 3 Mar 2009

The BCS II classes on 3 Mar 2009 have been cancelled due to the instructor's illness. The time of the makeup classes will be announced later.


Info for Normative Moral Psychology students

If you want to receive materials for the Normative Moral Psychology (exactly 'New Synthesis of Moral Psychology' by Haidt), you are requested to contact Dorota Markiewicz at markiewicz.d.05@sci.psych.uw.edu.pl


Materials for Prof. Boon's classes

The printed powerpoint presentations for Mind-Body and History of Psychology courses have been put in the xero room.


Advanced Statistical Techniques on 2 Mar 09

The classes with J-Ch. Giger have been cancelled.

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