News for March 2009


3rd year: Psychological Assessment schedule

Info regarding the 3rd year’s Psychological Assessment schedule: originally there were 2 double classes for each group, but there should be just one double class for each group. These double classes are going to take place on: Group 1: 17 April 09, at 8:30 Group 2: 24 April 09, at 8:30 (on this day, Group 1 is going to have a class at 12:00). There are *no* double classes on 20 and 27 March 2009. If you want to see how it looks...

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Ethics course in May

There is one cosmetic change in the schedule of the Ethics course in May. On Tue, 12 May 09, the Ethics course has been originally planned for 12:00, but in fact this class is going to take place at 16:00 like on every other Tuesday in May. Please update your own schedule.


Index books vs. Student IDs

Without the fully completed index book we cannot prolong your student ID. If you have all the signatures and you have given the index book to the office, you can come next week (16-20 March) and ask for prolonging your student ID. Attention! The only person who can prolong student IDs is Mrs Maria, who will be on holidays from 23 to 30 March. No one else (like e.g. Jasia or Marta) has the authorization card which enables to prolong...

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If you don't have a tutor...

If you are a 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th-year student and you still don't have a tutor for your theoretical paper or empiricalpaper or master's seminar, which means that you will not get a signature after the winter semester, your situation looks as follows: 1. You can't pass the semester, so you have to write a request to the Dean (exactly Dean Dragan, see the downloads section), asking him for the conditional pass for the next semester. 2. After the Dean has signed...

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BCS II makeup classes

Some time ago BCS II classes were cancelled due to the instructor's illness. Here are the dates of the makeup classes:
Group 1: Thu, 9 Apr, at 12:00, room 412
Group 2: Mon, 20 Apr, at 12:00, room 412

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