News for March 2009


Prof. Zimbardo's lecture

Dear Students, Prof. Zimbardo is giving a lecture at our Faculty next week. There are 10 invitations for WISP students. For details please check your emails TODAY. NOW! This is urgent!


Room for Experiencing Group Therapy

The Experiencing Group Therapy class (with Małgorzata Frajnt) is going to change the room. From the next session (21 April 2009), the class is going to take place at 12:00 in room 412 and at 13:45 in room 303. This will require changing the room in the middle of the day, but both 412 and 303 are bigger and will be more comfortable for the class.


IMPORTANT! Classes on 9 April 2009

The Faculty Council has voted that Thursday, 9 Apr 2009, will be a free day, therefore all classes planned for that day (except for Health Psychology!) are cancelled. They will be moved to another day(s). Details will be posted as soon as we talk with the teachers and agree upon the most suitable dates for makeup classes. HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY stays as planned because there is no way we could squeeze this class into the schedule in another day and Richard Ohring...

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Info for Consumer Behaviour students

Info from Tim Clapham: Essay Deadline and Case Study Preparation Week 7 As agreed the first essay is due in week 10 and the second essay on the day of the final examination. For next week (week 7) please read the following case studies in 'Consumer Behaviour ' by Solomon et al Case Study 2 'Should I or Shouldn't I' pages 242-245 This covers motivational conflict Case Study 3 'Prams are not just for babies' pages246 - 247 This covers Symbolic Self Completion Theory and the...

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University email accounts

People! Please read Your university e-mails! I keep writing to You and getting less response than I want! Want? Bah! DESERVE!

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