News for 2008


Info for Psychology of the Internet Students

Those of you who don't know yet: each week the Psychology of the Internet class is going to start 15 minutes EARLIER (at 9:15). The course however is going to finish 1 week earlier, on 3 December 2008.


Attention 3rd-year Students!

Some of you have not chosen any group for the obligatory course Standard Diagnostic Methods. Those of you who have not done that yet are asked to come to the office and state the grup!


Info about OGUN courses

Dear Students! (If you already know how it looks like more or less, don’t close this news! READ IT as there is info regarding language classes in relation to OGUNs.) We would like to remind you that during 5 years of studies you need to acquire 21 ECTS points for courses conducted outside the Faculty of Psychology. These 21 ECTS count into 300 ECTS points which you are obliged to obtain during 5 years of study. Q: Where can I get...

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Reminder for students

Dear Students, We would like to remind you, that if you have a foreign high school diploma (foreign meaning NOT Polish and NOT IB), you are required to make a NOSTRIFICATION of your diploma (that is to legalize it in Poland). You have time till the end of the winter semester. Not fulfilling the diploma legalization requirement (which is a MUST) will definitely lead to NOT giving you your MA diploma in the future and may be a reason for crossing...

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Philosophy with prof. Piłat on 21 Oct

2nd-year Students!

There IS Philosophy with prof. Piłat on 21st October! Don't foget to put it in your schedules (yes we know it's not there). Don't forget to come.

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