News for 2008


Important info for 3rd-year Students!

Some of you have not participated in the Standard Diagnostic Methods classes yet. If you do not show up on Friday (31 Oct 2008), you will not pass this class. Class participation is mandatory!!


I would ordinarily never wear this T-shirt Day

On 18 December 2008. Obligatory. Everything is excused.


Reminder: Learning Cond. and Behav. Analysis

Just to remind you: there is no Learning Conditioning and Behaviour Analysis class with dr Suchowierska next week 27 Oct 2008.


1st-year students: Intellectual Property test

Dear Students! You took part in the Intellectual Property workshop and now you need to take a test. If your Intellectual Property workshop was in Polish, you should take the test in Polish; if it was in English, you should take your test in English. To take the test go to this website:http://kampus.uw.edu.pl/. It seems to be in Polish even if you switch into English, but if you follow the instructions, everything will be fine. Polish-speaking people won’t have any...

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Financial agreements for 1st-year Students

Dear Students!

Please come do the office and pick up your financial agreements!

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