News for 2008


BCS on Monday, 17 Nov 2008

The BCS classes on Monday, 17 Nov 2008 have been cancelled. The time and date of the make-up classes will be announced later.


Evolution exam UPDATE

The Evolution of Human Social Behaviour exam is going to take place on Tuesday, 18 November 2008, at 15:30, room 405. The exam will be conducted by Wouter de Raad.


Exam in Evolution of Human Social Behaviour

The Evolution exam has not been scheduled yet. It will probably take place in the week 17-21 November, but certainly NOT earlier. Detailed info soon (please keep checking the news on our website).


Students' meeting!!

The meeting is going to take place on Wednesday, 5 Nov 2008, at 15:15, room 404. The meeting won't be long (ca. 0,5h). The main issue will be choosing class representatives.

All WISP students are invited!

FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS! You are more than welcome! It will be possible to discuss some administrative issues with older students as well as ask them any other questions concerning the WISP program.


IMPORTANT Polish language classes

This info concerns the Students who participated in Polish language classes in Polonicum in the past: 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 academic year. Please check the USOS. If you don't have grades from Polish classes in these years, please write to us (info@psychology.pl) and report that. Write in which year and semester the grade is missing. We are in the process of creating the list of students with the "USOS-Polish classes" problem which later will be sent to Polonicum with an official...

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