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Dormitory for 2008/2009 academic year

To each student who wants to apply for a dormitory room for the next academic year!! If you are Polish: - you need to fulfill a dormitory application form (come to the office to get one) - you need to have a statement confirming that the dochód na jednego czlonka rodziny wynosi tyle i tyle. To musi byc przeliczone na zlotowki. If you are not Polish: - you need to fulfill the dormitory application (come to the office to get one). IMPORTANT! This (paper...

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Health Psychology makeup exam UPDATE 2

The Health Psych make-up exam is going to take place on Tuesday, 10.06.08, at 10:15, room 404.


Health Psychology makeup exam UPDATE

The exam will NOT take place on Monday as was announced. You will be informed on Monday if the exam is going to take place on Tuesday morning. Please check your emails regarding this matter.


Health Psychology make-up exam

The make-up exam in Health Psychology is going to take place on Monday, 9 June 2008, at 15:30 in room 405 and it will be conducted by Wouter de Raad.

*IMPORTANT* If there is anyone who disagrees with this date, please report that as soon as possible and we will have to postpone the exam for everyone (!) till September.


Students' calendar after the spring semester

STUDENTS’ CALENDAR AFTER THE SPRING SEMESTER 2007/2008 1. When do I need to have all my grades if I’m not going to have any retake exams? Grades need to be given till the end of the spring exam session (till 29 June 2008). 2. If I don’t have any retakes, when do I have to give back my index book and exam card to the office? This needs to be done till 8 July 2008. When you give your...

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