News for December 2008

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Reminder for 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-year Students

Some of you have not delivered the declaration stating your tutor. Those of you who haven't done that yet, please deliver the declaration to the office. Don't forget that you need to have your tutor's (or someone assigned by the tutor in case of visiting professors) signature after the winter semester! Without that, you can't pass the semester!


Class cancelled: Learning Conditioning (...)

The Learning Conditioning and Behaviour Analysis class today (1 Dec 2008) has been cancelled due to the teacher's illness. As for this moment, the exam is going to take place tomorrow (2 Dec 2008) as planned. If anything changes, we will post the info on the website and on the board next to the office.


1st year: Occupational Safety and Care course

Dear First-year Students! Apart from completing the Intellectual Property test, you also need to fulfil the Occupational Safety and Care test. Occupational Safety and Care thing is another part of the introductory workshops for 1st-year students (like Intellectual Propery or not-so-obligatory Library workshops), so you need to complete it in order to pass the semester. Where to find the test and the materials (completely in English): Go to http://kampus.uw.edu.pl/. You will see info in English at the beginning of the site....

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Intro test

The intro test is going to take place on Thu, 4 December 2008.

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