News for September 2008


PE classes for the 1st-year students

From this year students need to complete 5 semesters of PE classes during the first 6 semesters of your study. Please let us know till tomorrow (25 Sept 2008) 14:00 about your choice, so that we could book a place for you. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What happens if I don't take PE classes this semester? A: Nothing. You can, but you don't have to. What matters is that you have completed 5 semesters till the end of the 3rd year. Q: What happens...

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1st-year students: OBLIGATORY workshops

Next week, you are going to take part in a few obligatory workshops. You are going to be divided into 2 groups: GROUP 1 You belong to this group if you HAVE Polish citizenship. Attention! If you have 2 citizenships and you have lived abroad (not in Poland) for most of your life, you don't feel comfortable with the Polish language, please contact us by email (info@psychology.pl). It will be possible for you to be transferred to the 2nd group. GROUP 2 You belong...

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Important news about registration

Mainly 1sy-year students: the info about the registration and some other stuff was sent to you by email some time ago. If for some reason you didn't get any emails regarding registration, schedules or basicly anything from our Director, Jasia Pietrzak (her email: jasia@psych.uw.edu.pl), please do as follows:
1) check your spam folder,
2) if you still can't find anything, please report that to info@psychology.pl.

IMPORTANT! Mark our Director's email as safe, so that it doesn't get to the junk mail!!


Office hours on Monday 15 Sept 2008

The office will be open from 12:00.


Makeup exam session after 0708 year: 3rdUPDATE

Emotions & Motivation II with Dorota Kobylińska
Mon 15 Sept 2008, at 16:00, room 405

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