News for June 2008


Information for Candidates

Please email the title of the book you have chosen for the interview to info@psychology.pl.


Exam in Psychometrics

The exam is going to take place today (19 June) at 13:45 and NOT 12:00!


E&M II 2nd retake

The 2nd retake exam in Emotions and Motivation II (with Dorota Kobylinska) is going to take place on 23 June 2008 at 19:15.


Message from Anna Chodynicka (CrossCultPsych)

Dear Students,

Please remember that the two seminars: 3.06.2008 and 10.06.2008 will start earlier: at 9.30 a.m.

Please do not be late. For the seminar 3.06 please wear something comfy so you can sit on the floor.

Anna Chodynicka


Dormitory for 2008/2009 academic year

To each student who wants to apply for a dormitory room for the next academic year!! If you are Polish: - you need to fulfill a dormitory application form (come to the office to get one) - you need to have a statement confirming that the dochód na jednego czlonka rodziny wynosi tyle i tyle. To musi byc przeliczone na zlotowki. If you are not Polish: - you need to fulfill the dormitory application (come to the office to get one). IMPORTANT! This (paper...

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