News for April 2008


Psychopathology on 8 April 08

The Psychopathology class on 8 April 2008 is going to take place at the Faculty building at Stawki at 14:30. Most probably in room 405.


1st-year Students: Cognitive Psychology exam

The exam in Cognitive Psychology (course by Z. Wodniecka, exam conducted by Jasia) is going to take place on Tuesday, 8 April 08, at 10:15, room 404.


3rd-year Students: History seminar classes

Since the number of people participating in the History SEMINAR classes is not very big, a decision to join group 1 and group 2 has been taken. All of you are going to have this class according to the plan of the 1st group.

The LECTURES in History will take place as they were planned.

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