News for April 2008


Cross-Cultural Psychology in June

2 last Cross-Cultural Psychology classes (with Anna Chodynicka) have been lengthened. On 3 June 08 and on 10 June 08 they are going to start earlier at 9:30.


BCS classes on 28 April 08

BCS classes (with U.Szulc) on 28 April 08 have been cancelled due to the instructor's continuing illness.

Make-up classes:

Group 1:
Monday 5 May 08 at 10:15, room 405
Monday 12 May 08 at 10:15, room 405

Wednesday 7 May 08 at 13:45, room 405
Wednesday 14 May 08 at 13:45, room 405


To prof. Boon's students!

Messages from prof. Boon: Dear students of Consciousness and mind body, This week, as I was beginning to plan the last part of the course, I found out that I had 'mislaid' a few pieces of paper, in particular the complete overview of who was going to do or had done a presentation, and on what topic. I had written this on a schedule in pen but now all I have is the attached overview of presentations per problem. Furthermore not everybody yet had indicated the presentation....

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BCS classes on Mon 21 Apr 08

BCS classes (with U. Szulc) on Monday 21 Apr 08 have been cancelled due to the instructor's illness.

Make-up classes will be announced later.


Exam in Lies and Deception

The exam in Lies and Deception (with Magdalena Stec) is going to take place on Friday, 25 April 2008 (NOT on 30 April), at 14:00, room 404.

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