News for February 2008


Psychophysics classes from 5 March 08

From 5 March 2008, Psychophysics classes with prof. Dalla Bella are going to take place in the computer room 68.


Make-up exam in Sleep

The make-up exam in Sleep is going to take place on Wednesday, 27 February 2008, at 8:30, room 404.


Aggression classes

Aggression classes start on 4 March 2008.


Prof. Dalla Bella signs index books

Prof. Dalla Bella is going to sign your index books on 20 Feb 2008, at 11:45, room 404 (after the Psychophysics class), so if you passed Psychology of Music, please come. Please remember that at 12:00 another class is going to start, so there will be only 15 minutes to collect the signature.


Psychology of Lies and Deception on 20 Feb 08

The Psychology of Lies and Deception class on Wednesday, 20 Feb 2008 has been cancelled. The make-up class will be announced later (after the teacher and students have agreed on the time and date).

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