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Non-psychology courses

During Your 5 years of studies, of the 300 ECTS points You earn You must earn 21 of them outside of our faculty. Of these 21, only 4 can come from language courses (i.e., 17 must come from other non-psych courses). A list of courses taught in not-Polish is available at http://www.bwz.uw.edu.pl
This list is updated every semester.


Index books

Index books for first-year students to be collected in our office. An index book costs 4 PLN.

We remind you that in order to use computers at the faculty, you need to have your own computer password. You can also get it in the office.


Students with foreign diplomas - UPDATE

Students dealing with the diploma legalization process!
Make a copy of the translation of your diploma into Polish! The original translation will have to be left in Kuratorium, while the copy needs to be delivered to our office.


Information for students with foreign diplomas

The students with foreign high school diplomas are obliged to legalize their diplomas in Poland. The procedure: 1. You come to our office and get some of your documents which you have already sent (for example your apostille). 2. You go to Kuratorium in Warsaw, the address is: Aleje Jerozolimskie 32, Warsaw, room 102. You should contact Ms. Ewa Januszewska. Kuratorium is a Polish office for education. 3. The documents needed to complete the legalization process (you have to bring them to...

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Faculty computers

If you want to use a faculty computer, you need to have a password. Come to the office to get your password.

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