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  1. [Years 4-5] Economic Decision Making on 24 Oct 2016


    Dear Students of Economic Decicion Making, The teacher is ill, therefore the meeting on 24 Oct is cancelled. A...
  2. [Years 4-5] Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience on 20 Oct 2016


    Dear Students of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, As mentioned in class, the meeting on 20 Oct is cancelled. A make-up...
  3. [All Students] Please check your account in USOS


    Dear Students, Please check if on your list of courses in USOS there are all courses which you should...
  4. [New WISP Students] Information about Intellectual Property Rights


    Dear Students of Intellectual Property Rights, As mentioned in class, instead of 24 Oct, the class will take place...
  5. Working with Groups on 20 October 2016


    Dear Students of Working with Groups, The instructor is ill, therefore the class 20 October is cancelled. A make-up...

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Upcoming Events

  1. Scientific Tuesday: Potential benefits of the unguided internet-based solution-focused self-help program for improving university students’ psychosocial functioning

    15:15 11 October


    Room 1

      Dear Students, The first Scientific Tuesday this year is entitled "Potential benefits of the unguided internet-based solution-focused self-help program...
  2. The Faculty Day - Psychonalia 2016

    12:00 10 May


    Gardens of the Faculty of Psychology

    Dear Students, Please come to the Faculty on Tue, 10 May, to take part in Psychonalia (start from 12:00)....
  3. jUWenalia student festival

    10:00 06 May

    10:0021:00 (07 May)

    Main Campus of UW at Krakowskie Przedmieście

      Dear Students, Each year in May there is a student festival called “jUWenalia”. Each university is organizing concerts, meetings,...

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